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A Community Contribution Towards Healthy Living

My doctor was very impressed with the process I am using to reduce and control my weight. He suggested that I should help others, so here we go.

Why We Put On Weight

We have fat cells in our bodies, and if we eat more than we burn or use, the fat cells increase in size.

If you are unsure what weight you should be, please visit the British Heart Foundation web site, adjust the scale to your weight and height, and your BMI (Body Mass Index) will show if you are very overweight, overweight, healthy or underweight.

I weighed myself and then put the scales out of sight so I would not be tempted to use them every day. The rate of weight loss will vary, some days you will not lose any. This could demotivate you, so I would suggest you use the scales once a week. I was overweight, bordering on very overweight, and decided to use the holes in my belt as a quick measure.

I also checked my resting heart rate (RHR).

Stage 1 – The First Three Months

After three months I lost 15lbs 7oz, or 7.0 kgs, and went from using the fattest hole in my belt to the third fattest hole.

I did not purchase any special foods or eating plans, and there was no calorie counting or major change to my daily routine.

The Logic Behind The Process

I felt if over a week I ate a bit less of the food and snacks I normally ate, drank a bit less of the fizzy, sugary or alcoholic drinks I normally drank, and allowed 4-5 hours between eating anything, I would lose weight.

The time between eating anything is crucial to this process as it gave my body time to kick into “fat burning mode”.

If I ate at a pace that allowed me to savour the flavour and waited 10 minutes between courses it helped me feel “full” after eating less.

If I was struggling to last 4-5 hours between eating anything and getting hunger “pains” or tummy rumblings I drank water. I used no added sugar lime squash to add flavour or ate some fresh fruit or a couple of teaspoons of tinned fruit.

My body is adjusting and these “discomforts” are now far less frequent.

Treats Are Allowed

I found on occasions I needed to have a treat, so I did, and still do.

It was a two finger dark chocolate kit kat or a couple of chocolate éclairs or two small custard tarts, a few squares of dark chocolate or the occasional fast food whilst watching my favourite sport.

An Example Of A Reduction I Made Over The First Three Months

Before I started to think and learn about how much I was eating, breakfast consisted of:

  • Half a bowl of cereal with orange juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Two slices of toast with honey
  • A banana
  • A cup of green tea

Every two weeks I would have a full English breakfast.

Now it consists of:

  • A quarter of a bowl of cereal with orange juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • A cup of green tea

A full English breakfast is a rarity.

Other Reductions to Consider

  •  Can 2 pieces of bacon become 1?
  • 2 sausages become 1?
  • 2 slices of toast become 1?
  • A large full bowl of cereal becomes three quarters full?
  • 4 roast potatoes become 3?
  • 2 pieces of chicken, pork or beef become 1, or 1 and a half?
  • 2 scoops of rice or pasta becomes 1, or 1 and a half?
  • 2 biscuits become 1?
  • 1 packet of crisps each day becomes 1 every two days?
  • A sandwich becomes a sandwich shared with a work mate or friend?
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar in your hot drink becomes half a tea spoon?
  • That rich desert becomes some tinned or fresh fruit?
  • A chocolate bar becomes a glass of chilled water with flavoured squash?

In Summary

  • To lose weight I ate and drank less (except water, fruit and vegetables) and allowed 4-5 hours between eating anything.

The Logic Works

I have experimented with the amount of food I eat relative to my activity level, and when I eat more than I burn or use my weight increases, and when I eat less my weight decreases.

Water is a Key Ingredient

Since September 15th, each day I fill four 500ml bottles with filtered tap water and put them in the fridge.

I try to drink:

  • 500ml before 10.00
  • 500ml before 13.00
  • 500ml before 16.00
  • 500ml before 19.00

That is two litres, plus tea and juice.

As an adult I have learnt how to take control of what and how much I eat and drink.

In Conclusion

My work, social and daily life has not been affected and I am feeling great.

We normally need a reason to change things, mine was for health reasons. I had a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot on the lungs), and was told I needed to take warfarin for the rest of my life. My blood had thickened for some reason. What was that reason? I thought back, and the thing that stood out was that I had put on weight.

Already there are signs that my blood is thinning, and I am convinced when my body is operating at the right weight my blood will return to normal, only time will tell.

When you have a reason, or decide the time is right, and want to reduce and control your weight, why not try it for a week or two, the health benefits could be numerous.

As with me it will raise your self confidence because you have learnt something new and beneficial to your health and who knows what this could do to further improve your quality of life.

I have been using this process for five months. As we launch this web site at the end of September 2013, my resting heart rate (RHR) has decreased from 63bpm to 54bpm, and I am now using the 4th fattest hole in my belt, so it makes sense for me to continue using the process.

This information is free for individuals to use.

Stage 2 from Four to Six Months

Continue doing what you have been doing for the past 3 months.

On December 6 my weight was down from 90kgs to 71.5kgs.

If you would like to share your experience or need some advice please make contact.

Thank you and good luck.


M: 07898 259 376

E: contact@howtocontrolmyweight.org.uk

This process has been tried and proven by an adult. I am not a medical practitioner or qualified with any dietary organisation. If adults have any medical conditions please seek medical advice before you begin the process.